3 Useful Marketing Rules for Freelance Web Designers

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Are you a new Freelance Web Designer? How to Market your Job?

Being a freelance web designer, I can tell you first-hand that it is not easy to market our work. I know it is tough to get business without selling ourselves short. If you are just entering the wonderful world of a freelance web designer, take a look at these three useful marketing rules to get the most out of your job. I know you want to be successful, so I would like to share these things with you in hopes that it will help you.

Take to Social Media

It is important that you take to social media. Using social media is a great way to be heard, and you must be heard if you expect to make it in the freelance world of web design. When you use this type of marketing, you will reach many potential customers. It is important that you ask friends to help you get the word out. As far as Facebook, make yourself a page for your web design business. Post information, specials, and examples on that page. Post information that is useful as well. Then ask your friends to help you promote it. You can also offer specials to those who share your page. I’m telling you; social media is where it’s at.

Don’t Be Afraid to Taking on a Challenge

Another marketing rule is not to be scared to take on a challenge. If you feel like you can’t give the client what they are asking for, then you should do more studying, practice more, and face that challenge head on. Never back down from a challenge or else you won’t get far in the web design world.

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Go National with Your Business

People all over the world are in need of a website. Don’t limit yourself, instead go nationally with your business. If you have Paypal, payment will not be a problem. Going nationally will set you up for more business, and you will have a wider variety to market to.

Keep these three things in mind, and you should go far in your freelance web designer career. Never limit yourself and never doubt yourself. If you doubt yourself, others will pick up on that.

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