Generate 100’s of Articles to WordPress in 1-Click

I recently learned about the incredible script shared on Google Colab blogfuck.ipynb. All you need to utilize this fantastic application is a self-hosted WordPress site, an OpenAI API Key, and a Pexels API Key. It can produce up to 100 articles using only a single keyword and OpenAI’s API and incorporate relevant photos using Pexels API. … Read more

How to Get Around Paywalls and Access Blocked Websites


The digital marketplace has rapidly evolved over the past decade, and one increasingly prominent feature of the modern web is paywalls. These systems limit content access by requiring users to pay for them. With the prevalence of such barriers, getting around these paywalls has become something of a necessity for consumers of online information. Fortunately, … Read more

8 Web Design Felonies You Should Avoid

web design felony

8 Web Design Felonies that Will Land Your Business in the No-Sale Prison I’ve just been assaulted. Visually, aurally, and intellectually attacked. I landed on the web page of a business looking for a product that I was interested in buying. When the page (finally) loaded, I could hardly look at the thing. The color … Read more

When Websites Redesign: How to Ease the Transition

website redesign

Web sites occasionally have to be recoded, even large websites with regular visitors in the hundreds of thousands or millions It is possible to recode a site’s “back end” without changing the face of the site, but most often, these recodes come with significant cosmetic changes. A webmaster often faces the backlash from users who … Read more

Designing Your Website for Readability: You Hold the Keys

website readability

A Must-Read for Lawyers in Charge of Their Website’s Copy Don’t be fooled by the heading. You don’t need to be a designer to boost the readability of your site. Why? Because most of your site is made up of your copy, your powerful words. Take away the images and colors and all you are … Read more

Tips on Website Development

website development tips

Websites have become a huge part of the modern business landscape Most companies within the U.S. recognize that e-commerce is a huge market that is likely to keep growing. However, there are over a billion websites in web-o-sphere, and a site that is going to attract business must offer something a little more. Title At … Read more

Designing the Perfect Website for Your Business

business web design

Tips for Designing the Perfect Website for Your Business Your business website is the place where the whole world has a chance to view you, as well as your products. Because of this, it is important to present the best image possible of both. Practicing great design principles from the very beginning will help to … Read more