Healthy Alternatives to Common Foods Everyone Should Know

Healthy Food Alternatives

We all know that eating right can be difficult when it isn’t convenient, but plenty of healthy alternatives to everyday foods make living a healthy lifestyle much easier.

The following list breaks down some of the most obvious unhealthy choices in our diet and replaces them with healthy food alternatives instead. It offers more nutritious alternatives that not only taste good but leave you feeling better afterward.

Swap Bagels for English Muffins

A bagel contains 50 calories, while an English muffin has 150 calories. It’s not shocking that many people choose regular breakfast bagels over healthier whole wheat English muffins.

The problem is the high-calorie count of a regular bagel can be reduced significantly by somehow replacing it with whole-grain English Muffins for less than half the calories!

Replace Egg Whites With Whole Eggs

Another common breakfast item, eggs, is often replaced by egg beaters or egg whites to save up to 20 grams of fat. These substitutes, however, do not contain all of the vitamins and nutrients found in real eggs, especially vitamin B-12.

Health experts recommend whole eggs because they offer more protein and other essential nutrients like choline (which helps protect against heart disease) and B-12.

Replace Creamer with Organic Whole Milk

Regular creamers are high in calories and fat, even the non-dairy ones. There is a simple solution: replace creamers with organic whole milk for a creamy texture and a good dose of essential vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin D.

Replace Jam with Smashed Avocado

Jam can contain as much sugar as regular candy bars per serving, which means it is not the healthiest way to start your day! An apple with almond butter is an excellent replacement with less calories but more nutrients, such as fiber and protein.

Since apples don’t have enough flavor to stand on their own without sugar, cinnamon can be added to improve the taste. For those who prefer fruit spreads instead of nut butter, try smashed avocado or yogurt spread.

Replace Rice with Riced Cauliflower

Cooking rice in water is not the healthiest way to go since many of the nutrients are lost in the process. Swap it out for riced cauliflower (which takes less than five minutes to make!) and cook in a frying pan instead of boiling or microwaving.

Cauliflower will give you loads more nutrients while also giving you that satisfying crunchy texture! However, many people do not like cauliflower’s taste on its own, so cheese sauce can be added for a creamy flavor that falls right on top of your delicious cauliflower rice.

Replace Mayo with Hummus

People spend thousands of dollars each year on mayonnaise, even though they could easily use light mayonnaise with better! Instead, try hummus in place of mayonnaise.

Hummus is full of nutrients like fiber and iron, which are lost in traditional mayonnaise when the water or milk is replaced with oil. It also has a better texture since it’s often combined with chickpeas for a creamy taste!

Ditch Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt

Some people will ditch their healthy Greek yogurt for sour cream because it tastes fantastic on Mexican food or baked potatoes, but doing this means giving up all of the health benefits from Greek yogurt.

For an alternative that combines delicious flavor and good nutrition at the same time, try mixing plain Greek yogurt with salsa for a great-tasting dip that’s loaded with nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.


It has been said that our modern culture thrives on junk food, but scientists are finding the cure. Although it might be difficult to change your eating habits, you can make small changes like those listed above to improve your diet and health!

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