Billion Dollar Ideas That Were Stolen

Stolen Billion Dollar Ideas

10 Billion Dollar Ideas That Were Stolen 10. iPhone Steve Jobs made a name for himself when he famously stated that Apple has “always been shameless about stealing great ideas,” but did the tech juggernaut steal a Florida man’s designs for an “electronic reading device”? In June 2016, Apple found themselves in hot water when … Read more

Biggest Waste of Money in History

Waste of Money

10 Biggest Waste of Money in History 10. Tulip Mania If you wanted proof that fads are as old as time, look no further than the Dutch “Tulip Mania” that occurred in the 1600s. We may obsess over Instagram filters and Frog memes, but at least no one’s paying over a thousand dollars for a … Read more

People Who Cheated Death

People Cheated Death

Here are ten people that cheated death. 10. Hit The Nail On The Head For the 39-year-old construction worker Isidro Mejia, ‘getting nailed’ took on a brand new meaning one fateful day in 2004. Mejia was fixing a roof when he lost his footing on a ladder and fell onto his co-worker who was using … Read more