A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing Automation

marketing automation

With marketing automation, business owners can gain various advantages, such as generating more leads and improving sales conversions. Moreover, some reports show that 80% of the world’s best-performing companies have seen an increase in revenue over three years or longer due to marketing automation. By embracing this technology, businesses can also improve the customer experience … Read more

Voice Search: How to Prepare for the Future of Search Technology

voice search

Despite their popularity, voice search and digital voice assistants are far from a new development. Its rise is driven by an intersection of increased mobile usage, machine learning algorithms, and the growing relationship between humans and technology – ultimately making it inevitable that more people will adopt such devices in the coming years. Statistics already … Read more

7 Tips for Understanding Your Customers and Driving Campaign Performance


Customers are the lifeblood of any successful brand, so it pays to make an effort to understand them and create a customer journey that keeps them coming back again and again. Marketers must prioritize having strong brand awareness and excellent customer reviews because these two components play a decisive role in sparking customer interest. It’s … Read more