The High-Paying Tech Jobs of the Future: A Guide to Earning Big in 2023 and Beyond

best paying jobs in technology

With the tremendous growth in technology over the past few years, it is no surprise that best-paying jobs in technology have seen a significant rise. According to recent reports, average annual salaries for tech jobs rose 6.9% between 2020 and 2021, with many of them crossing the $100,000 mark annually. Information technology careers are among … Read more

How to Support Women in Technology

Support Women in Technology

Technology is an integral part of everyday life, but women are significantly underrepresented in the industry. Women represent only about a quarter of undergraduate computer science majors (ACS). As a result, we have created an environment that doesn’t fully include or support these talented minds. We need to work together as an industry if we … Read more

Artificial Advancement Through Customer Loyalty Programs

artificial advancement

Customers are known to get into loyalty programs expecting immediate rewards. The best way to get the maximum amount of customer loyalty is by using artificial advancement in your customer loyalty program. Artificial advancement is defined as giving customers early access to limited-time offers, discounts, and other special incentives not available to other shoppers. The … Read more

Is It Safe to Use a VPN for Banking?


According to a survey done by, about 30% of consumers said that they were uncertain whether or not to use a VPN when shopping online because there is always the chance that any information you submit can be intercepted and used against you. The problem with this apprehension is that cyberthreats continue to evolve … Read more