Great Online Resources for Web Design

web design online resources

Web Design Online Resources Go to and type out a search for web design resources. With that, you will get millions of results (75,700,000 as of the writing of this article). That is a lot of results to look through to find what will be useful. I have my personal list of where I … Read more

The Most Popular Font for Website Design

website font

The popularity and success of a website depend on different factors and one of them are fonts. Use of appropriate graphic design, logos, color, and style are necessary. But the most important factor that helps increase of web traffic is the number of clicks on a particular website. Quality content peaks the interest of a … Read more

Thoughts on Adobe Muse and Web Design

adobe muse in web design

Adobe Muse Has an Important Role in the Future of Web Design Why Adobe Muse is the Future If you are professional Web Designer who has hand coded over 50+ websites, you probably won’t be impressed with, or recommend Adobe Muse. Ultimately this is because Adobe Muse was not developed with you in mind. I … Read more

Helpful Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers

firefox addons

Must have Firefox Addons for Web Designers 1. Simple Window Resizer One of the most frustrating issues that designers face is creating designs that work across a variety of screen sizes. Nobody is sure what size their viewer’s screen is. They could be viewing your work at 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 800×600, or 640×480. To bring … Read more