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The popularity and success of a website depend on different factors and one of them are fonts.

Use of appropriate graphic design, logos, color, and style are necessary. But the most important factor that helps increase of web traffic is the number of clicks on a particular website. Quality content peaks the interest of a visitor, but there are little things that can cause irritation too. And that is the font used to write the content. Font size and style determines how long a visitor will stay on the page.

The wrong usage of font size and style gives out an unprofessional and casual approach. Which in turn creates a wrong impression on an online visitor and the people who do not return to sites that use the wrong fonts. When a website designer and a client discuss the format of a website, the font is also considered so the developer can gain an exact knowledge of the font a customer is looking for. Though most of the time web designers go without the client requests, Times New Roman font is the one a designer himself prefers.

Times New Roman

The reasons for the popularity of the Times New Roman are plenty. One it’s the most legible font and looks very professional without irritating or distracting the browser. Most websites are designed to do business online, barring a few exceptions that may have cater to individual tastes. A company website that provides to the promotion of a product has to be professional and not be too heavy on stylish writing like calligraphy.

Though there are many fonts available only Times New Roman is used in the body of the content for its simplicity and legibility. Most web designers use New Times Roman size 12 for the body and bigger size for headings.

Other Popular Fonts

The other popular options available are Arial, Verdana and Courier they look professional too and can be used instead of New Times Roman. Some corporate graphic design and branding experts recommended the three fonts to break the monotony but still maintain a professional look.

An attractive website that has quality content will attract an online user initially, but for him to spend time on a site and come back, again and again, the font is the most important factor. The more people visit the website and click on the content the more beneficial for a website owner, so the font size has to be simple, pleasant and legible. New Times Roman is one that meets all the criteria.

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