How to Get Started in Web Development

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Stuff You Need to Know, and Stuff You Need to Get Let’s go through all the different kinds of languages there are. Markup Language A markup language is a language used to describe the content it contains, generally using tags. HTML is the standard for a markup language. However, due to the inconsistency and sloppiness … Read more

Starting Hobby Web Development

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Working the Web on a Budget When I was in late elementary school, my family bought our first desktop computer. From the day we got it, I was fascinated by how it worked — especially the internet. The Web was a massive, complex treasure chest of goodies over which any eleven-year-old would drool and became … Read more

Does Outsourcing Web Development Pay Off in the End?

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On a quick surf across the internet, you’ll find dozens of websites offering web development and coding services for prices beyond imagination – for less than you pay the lady who cleans your office. Do things even out in the end, is the vast price difference explained by the gulf in income levels, or are … Read more