Alice in Borderland 2: An Epic Journey That Falls Short

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alice in borderland season 2
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Shinsuke Sato’s directing of the live-action adaptation of Alice in Borderland is nothing short of remarkable. He created an animation-like feel by perfectly capturing and bringing to life the gripping story of a world filled with intense and exciting games.

With season 2, these breathtaking games not only became bigger and more intriguing but also felt incredibly realistic due to carefully crafted frames and blocking that allowed viewers to empathize with the protagonists struggling to survive in this dangerous world.

Unfortunately, these remarkable achievements remain clouded by uncertainty as we anxiously await the further developments of this unique series and whether it will return for another season.

In Season 2 of Alice in Borderland, the stakes are raised considerably. Instead of just competing against other players, there are now bosses (or “citizens”) involved who actively participate in and control the deadly games in Borderland.

This means that Arisu, Usagi, Chishiya, and the other players will only be able to progress further once they can defeat experienced figures that understand Borderland much better than they do.

The cliffhanger hints at the destruction of the hierarchy within Borderland at the end of Season 1; however, viewers get a clearer picture straight from the beginning of Season 2 as it promptly deals with this plot point.

Alice in Borderland’s second season intelligently expands on the first one’s plot, world, and characters by introducing new challenges that keep viewers engaged. Immediately picking up from where Season 1 left off, the show begins with an even stronger boss than before.

However, it also separates characters into different groups, which is appealing as it forces the story to jump between arcs, giving it more depth and ensuring that it never feels stagnant.

It also allows its audience to witness exciting new characters without consuming too much time; even if some do not get the screen time they deserve, viewers can still form opinions about them.

Additionally, having multiple cores makes room for some games that are more understated yet cerebral; this excellent balance between adrenaline-fueled games and quieter puzzles prevents Alice in Borderland from becoming predictable or uninteresting.

chisiya alice in borderland
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Chishiya has been an excellent MVP this season; his intelligence and quick-thinking skills have made him a masterful force to be reckoned with. His presence in the games has provided a fascinating source of entertainment, allowing audiences to gain insight into the anonymous mastermind behind each challenge.

Chishiya’s character is highly admirable, and his ability to face any danger head-on has viewers of the show sitting at the edge of their seats, waiting to see how he will survive in one of the most exciting cliffhangers that season two has brought yet.

The show’s second season accentuates how dismal the reality they are living in is. The series does a brilliant job of not sugarcoating the games, which are usually disturbing and difficult, avoiding misrepresenting their true harshness.

However, there are some instances where it wavers from this, mainly regarding the first game; it establishes that it would be perilous but then plays out in a way that doesn’t quite capture the gravity of the situation.

This is likely done for audience appeal and entertainment value; however, those moments can diminish viewer investment because there isn’t enough at stake to make viewers anxious.

The biggest problem with Alice in Borderland is that it has been relatively unwilling to reveal any of its secrets. Not only do Shinsuke and Yasuko Kiramitsu keep delaying the divulgence of certain key information, but there appears to be a certain complacency in the way they are content to hint at the discoveries made by characters merely.

Just before the series’ conclusion, there is a scene implying knowledge that should have a more thorough explanation; regrettably, it is rushed and somewhat unsatisfying. As such, viewers should brace themselves for an ending without all the answers being resolved.

alice in borderland season 2
Courtesy: Netflix

Alice in Borderland is a captivating series that offers a unique story-telling perspective. While the show has gained international recognition for providing exhilarating entertainment, it disappointingly shies away from delving into the questions of its core, instead opting for safe execution.

Consequently, this leaves viewers desiring more from the story and ultimately unsatisfied with the limited answers. The final tease at the end of Season 2 fuels hope for a more satisfactory ending should a potential Season 3 come to fruition. Questions will be answered, and closure could be offered to fans and characters.

Season 2 of Alice in Borderland provides an intriguing blend of game-playing, character development, and socio-economic commentary. Viewers can look forward to higher stakes slots in each episode and more opportunities for deeper insights into its key players.

The games test players’ logic and problem-solving capabilities, which requires you to be as involved as the characters when engaging with them. On the other hand, the narrative can sometimes feel unfocused from its reliance on high-stakes conflicts that lack the seedier themes and context that might have been more pivotal to its overall arc.

Audiences will likely be left wanting more character development and a stronger ending that doesn’t fail to unpack this season’s important revelations.

Alice in Borderland” Season 2 is now available on Netflix.

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