Should You Use an Interactive Web Design on Your Site?

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Is it a Good Idea to use an Interactive Web Design on your Site?

Lots of talks have been taking place lately on how important having an interactive web design can be. There are many pros and cons to each side but lately, it seems like the advantages are starting to outweigh the disadvantages. We’ll look at some of the features that make an interactive design and why it’s important.

More Users are Going Mobile

With smartphones and tablets rapidly taking the place of many home computers, it’s easy to notice that they’re taking the traffic share of a website as well. This is especially true for online retailers who now experience as much as one-third of their traffic coming from mobile devices.

As data speeds increase for these mobile devices it’s likely going to increase over the next few years.

Getting Social with Your Site

By having an interactive web design you can incorporate social media into the site. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn widgets can create a huge opportunity for users who want to share your site.

You can increase your traffic a lot just by allowing users to share or like your posts or products. It’s also a free form of advertising since you’re actually getting your site promoted by your users.

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Get Better Conversion Rates

An advantage of interactive web design is that you can change certain aspects of the page based on the user. For instance, a user from one area could be shown products from that area. Whereas a user from another country could be shown something else that better relates to them.

By targeting users like this you can better predict what product or service they are interested in and show them that product up front. This can really help conversion rates simply because the user doesn’t need to search around your site looking for a particular product.

Some of the Problems of Interactive Web Design

Although having an interactive web design can have huge advantages many websites won’t use this new design yet. One of the main reasons is the cost of implementing the design, especially on an aged site. The cost would vary depending on the size of the site.

For new sites, the cost is relatively similar to traditional design services and if you’re creating a new site then going with an interactive web design is encouraged. This allows for upgrades and additions later that could actually save you money.

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