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effective website design
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Having an Effective Web Design is Essential for any Business

If you’re in a large group of B2B business people or marketers, you should be considering upgrading your website soon. On the downside, the chances are good that any site upgrade or revamp could end up being a giant waste of money.

But fear not, in this article I’m going to show you how to steer clear of websites that could end up wasting your money and help you obtain the positives of creating a great website.

First, let’s do a compare and contrast the differences between a bad website and a good one.

Most people in this area of work including marketers, tend to judge a site purely on aesthetics. This may be the first thing that comes to mind visually when it comes to judging a website solely on appearance; this is a big mistake. A terribly designed website can most definitely destroy a sale, but a sleek, slick and beautiful looking website is not going to guarantee a sale either.

A great website is not just one that is very pleasing to look at. A great site will work for you by producing the results you want to see. Simple concept, but not many people take this into consideration, and it is often overlooked.

The system we use to judge websites effectiveness is on how well the website communicates to your visitors. This means how well it attracts rather than repels targeted visitors, how much of your site is being read? And how efficient is your layout at getting your target audience to complete the desired actions?

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Sounds very reminiscent to how you judge your salespeople, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a clear reason for that. Today’s business web pages are much deeper than just a flimsy piece of paper or brochure. An excellent website takes the place of many initial activities that were once the responsibility of a sales team.

It’s obvious to say that unintelligent salespersons can screw up even a deal set in stone. But a slick, affluent, and well-dressed salespeople who jumps into a deal on prepared is not going to make a sale either.

Take a second to think about your target audience, and how they make their decisions to buy your product. Originally it begins with the customer having in need. Did they put research and thought into this need and that’s where your product comes up!

If you think making a useful website is with much more than visual, you’re correct.

Your six points you should hold dear to your heart when creating an awesome website.
  1. Site layout, this involves taking an in-depth look at your goals, your target visitors, your competition, and your origins of traffic.
  2. Your content. Anything visual or conceptual on your website needs to be appealing to the target audience.
  3. Visual design should be somewhat important, but you do not want to put all your effort into this area.
  4. Performance should also be something looked into, it may have nothing to do with how aesthetically nice your website appears, but if your site simply doesn’t work visitors are not going to stay on your webpage for long.
  5. Search engine optimization is also vital. You should not have to compromise the quality of your content to fit the criteria needs of a search engine. But getting a high ranking the search engines is important.
  6. Analytics. How do you know your website is handling traffic and making sales? Well, you measure it! These measurements provide detailed insight into the parts of your site that are working in the parts that are not.
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Take all these points into consideration, and you’re well on your way to building a great website for your business.

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