Learn How to Ride Jumps on the Street with a Mountain Bike

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mountain bike jump
Arpingstone / Wikimedia / CC0 1.0
Do Street Jumps with your MTB

If you ever have ridden your mountain bike on the street, it will be no surprise to you that there are plenty of jumps in your city courtesy of your municipalities.

You have to keep your eyes open. Things that you would usually just look at and not even think twice about could be used as a jump. If you already know how to bunny hop, you pretty much know how to pull up the front end of the bike getting it off the ground.

Simple Trick – Do the Bunny Hop

The trick in doing a jump is just to do the bunny hop as you’re going up the lip of the jump.

  • Pull up
  • When you get to the top, you go into your bunny hop
  • The jumps going to give you an extra boost, and you’re going to go a lot higher

It’s really fun to find different shape or things to jump over even if you have to do a little bit of excavation. By far the best thing about natural free jumps is that you can do them on your way to places. After a while, you start the spot where all the more and on your commute to work or your friend’s house you can just hit a couple of jumps and get some air.

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