How to Get Over Logs on a Mountain Bike?

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jump over log
Steve Bennett / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.5
Eight ways to get over a log. Number 5 will leave you speechless.
1. Bunny hop it.

This is by far the most efficient way to get over a log. It is the method I used in most situations. Even if you can’t do bunny hop that high, it will help you get over it.

2. Smash into it.

Now this isn’t very controlled, but as long as you’re using proper body position it gets the job done, as long as the log isn’t big and you don’t mind your wheels being slightly out of true.

3. Pull up and unweight.

As long as you get your front wheel over it and unweight your back tire, it will simply roll over. It is the same method as getting over a curb. It’s very efficient and super easy to do, and also it’s the most effective way to get over a log once you get tired.

4. Punch over it.

While traveling slowly, get your front wheel onto the log and then use the English bunny hop technique along with a quick punch of your drivetrain to get the bike upwards while shoving it towards. Learn it, and you’ll feel like a boss. Honestly, this is one of my favorite techniques to use.

5. Walk it.

Hey, it works and the probability that you’ll make it over is pretty good.

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6. Pedal kick on to it.

It is a combination of a bunny hop and the wheelie. You use your drivetrain to help assist you forwards and into the air. Hence why it’s called the pedal sick. This one adds the most style points you’re riding but is one of the hardest to do since it combines multiple skills and requires accurate wheel placement.

7. Pedal kick over it.

If you can pedal kick on to the log, you might as well try to pedal kick over it. Pedal Kicks are very effective in situations where you don’t have much speed and much of a run-up to the log. Besides it makes you look cool.

8. Bump jump.

Once you master the timing of the American bunny hop, you can use the log to bump your back wheel into the air. It should be noted you may go through a few wheelsets while trying to learn this.

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