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I recently learned about the incredible script shared on Google Colab blogfuck.ipynb. All you need to utilize this fantastic application is a self-hosted WordPress site, an OpenAI API Key, and a Pexels API Key. It can produce up to 100 articles using only a single keyword and OpenAI’s API and incorporate relevant photos using Pexels API. It saves time for bloggers needing to produce material for their sites rapidly.

Here is an example of what it generated.

The article’s usage of photos does not suit the content’s context. This results from Pexels’ limited collection of photos for the blog’s particular niche. Before making any adjustments, verifying that Pexels has enough photographs for the precise niche is crucial to guarantee that the images used are acceptable and pertinent.

Instead, if you are confident in your coding skills, you may edit the code in Google Colab to make changes to the picture size and other aspects to ensure the photos are acceptable.

Each article created will be between 400 and 600 words long, and you may configure it to automatically post to your WordPress website. Just add categories in bulk with WordPress. Let us now begin the process of configuring it.

What Do We Need?

We need three things: a self-hosted WordPress site, an OpenAI API key to publish content and a Pexels API key to obtain photos.

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Set Up WordPress

Ensure you have a WordPress website you are hosting by yourself, and obtain your WordPress Application Password. This can be done by…

Click on Users.

Click on Profile.

Go to the bottom of the page and locate “Application Passwords” and then type in your site’s admin username (in my case, EDStaff) in the field labeled “New Application Password Name”.

Now, click on New Application Password and it will give you a 24-character password with spaces for every 4th character.

Get an OpenAI API Key

Create an OpenAI account. Once your account has been created get your API key.

To access this, select “Personal” from the top right of the OpenAI website, then select “View API keys”.

Click Create new secret key.

Then it will generate a new API key for you.

Save that API key for later.

Get a Pexels API Key

Finally, obtain a Pexels API key. Register an account at, and after registering, move your cursor to the profile picture located at the upper right corner of the webpage and select Image and Video API.

Request for a new API, and save it on a notepad or any text processors.

Let’s Start Creating Hundred’s of Articles

Let’s go to the Google Colab link for blogfuck.ipynb. Ensure you are signed in to your Google Account.

Once the page is done loading, save it to your Google Drive, then open it from there and make the necessary changes.

Setting Up the Information Needed

Go to logins so we can adjust all the necessary information. Here, we will be able to change your website domain, the Application Password generated from WordPress, and the API keys from OpenAI and Pexels, and don’t forget to input the keywords for the articles you are going to post.

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This is an illustration of what I have done.

The keyword is ‘kw’, and I used the keyword ‘VPS’. I am leaving the post status as is, so it will stay in draft form, and the post will be automatically scheduled.

Once the necessary information has been entered, we can press the Connect button in the top right corner of Google Colab.

Once connected, click on Runtime and click on Change Runtime Type.

Then select GPU and save settings. It will ask you to terminate the previous runtime and just click OK.

Running the Script

After the preparations are finished, let’s execute the script. Simply press Runtime, then Run All, and that is all.

Based on my experience, you could be waiting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and after the process is done, all the information will be posted to your WordPress site.

By utilizing this script, you can now take advantage of its many benefits. Whether you want to increase efficiency, reduce costs, or do something else entirely, this script can help you achieve your goals. It is a great tool that can make life a lot easier, and the best part is that it is easy to use. With a few simple steps, you can quickly get up and running. So, take the time to explore what this script has to offer and start seeing the rewards.

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