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web design career
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Web designing is probably one of the single most important jobs in the age of computers and the internet. No websites would even exist without the hard work and dedication of the web designers.

Being a professional web designer can be as easy as setting up your own Web design Website, or as complicated as going to college for years and years to study all of the various aspects of Web design, including Web maintenance and development, professional design, graphics design, legal issues, and of course, the many programming languages needed to create the actual. There is certainly a lot to think about for a professional designer, beyond just how the pages look.


The single most important aspect of Web design, as mentioned above, is the programming language that Web designers must use. There are many different types of Web programming languages that perform a variety of functions on the actual Web pages.

HTML, PERL, PHP, Flash, ASP, and Java are just a few of the many languages a professional Web designer must learn, although not all are required.

Work Environment

A Web designer’s work environment usually consists of spending many of their days in front of a computer, so a comfortable chair is almost certainly a must have, for this reason, many Web designers choose to work from home running their websites.

Formal Training

Although many Web designers are self-taught, it is certainly a good idea to seek formal training for a more professional career oriented individual. Formal training in web design can range from certifications to an associate or bachelor’s degree.

Another reason to consider a web design school is for the simple reason that people, including those who may hire you someday, are impressed with credentials. If nothing else, it shows that you have the skills and tenacity to complete something.


In web design programs, individuals will learn many of the skills needed to become comfortable with graphics, web design, and multimedia applications. Some Web designers even choose specialty areas of design such as PHP and SQL programming, or even software such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop, as videos and multimedia are quickly becoming a major part of websites. Most designers choose to receive formal Web design training for the simple fact that people, including those who may hire you someday, are impressed with credentials.

At the current rate that technology is progressing, Web designers cannot hope to learn everything, even at a web design school. New programs and applications are coming out all the time. But good programming skills of current applications will give the designer a solid foundation.

Web designers are needed for virtually every project involving the internet, and a knowledgeable Web designer can earn up to $50,000 per year if they can build and maintain a steady client base.

For this reason, many Web designers also choose to study business management and some accounting is also helpful to track expenses for those who chose to pursue work at home career in the field of Web Design.

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