How to Get New Customers as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer or Web Host

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Best Practices for Getting and Keeping Clients

It is sometimes difficult to find new clients if you are a being a new web host or web designer, and keep them.

Below are some techniques and tips that I have found that have both helped me and many others trying to start a business online. These are not in any particular order, but they are all necessary for getting and keeping clients.

  1. Join web host forums, web design forums, mailing lists, make posts that show your professionality in that area, and be sure to include your link in your signature. Don’t just join them to spam, though. Spammers are looked down upon in every context, even this one. Post interesting thoughts and questions. Answer questions with a thorough response. When people see this, they will know you are knowledgeable, and be willing to click the link in our signature.
  2. Advertise through Google Adsense or another advertising avenue that will result in many clickthroughs. Check your clickthroughs daily. Where are they coming from, what is the bounce rate, how long are they staying. How can you further turn these viewers into clients?
  3. Make your website outstandingly attractive to get and keep customers interested. Let them know your best points and why they should choose you over the millions of others of web hosts, designers, or developers. This doesn’t mean to make it flashy, remember you are a business!
  4. Get a few customers in your area and have excellent customer service. Word of mouth is going to be the best advertising, especially in business as big as web hosting.
  5. Show websites of your clients. Have testimonials that your site visitor can contact themselves. If people can see your work or get in touch with someone who knows your work, they will be more willing to trust you and your word.
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The major point on that list is number four. Word of mouth is always going to be your biggest source of getting clients and can be your worst. If someone likes your services, they will tell a friend. If they don’t, they will tell a friend.

Inevitably, one rule that should always be at the top of your list of how to get clients is to always, always treat every client as if they are your only customer. Doing this will not only get you more clientele but will make all of the other ways of getting clients almost unnecessary.

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