Web Design 101: Thinking Like a Web Designer

think like a web designer

Think like a Web Designer: Beginner’s Guide Introduction There are a variety of ways to go about starting to design a website. Teachers and mentors either in school, via articles or those you know that are web designers, can teach you “their way” or their proposed “best way” of going about just that; however, the … Read more

3 Useful Marketing Rules for Freelance Web Designers

freelance web design marketing

Are you a new Freelance Web Designer? How to Market your Job? Being a freelance web designer, I can tell you first-hand that it is not easy to market our work. I know it is tough to get business without selling ourselves short. If you are just entering the wonderful world of a freelance web … Read more

How to Get New Customers as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer or Web Host

get new customers

Best Practices for Getting and Keeping Clients It is sometimes difficult to find new clients if you are a being a new web host or web designer, and keep them. Below are some techniques and tips that I have found that have both helped me and many others trying to start a business online. These … Read more

Why Website Designers Are Not Programmers

web designer and programmer difference

The Difference Between Webmasters and Programmers An average user will just view and go to your website, use the programs, and play the games that you’ve written. But they don’t see or even care about the grueling process you have to go through to write them. Programming is about knowing if not mastering tens of … Read more