Designing Your Website for Readability: You Hold the Keys

website readability

A Must-Read for Lawyers in Charge of Their Website’s Copy Don’t be fooled by the heading. You don’t need to be a designer to boost the readability of your site. Why? Because most of your site is made up of your copy, your powerful words. Take away the images and colors and all you are … Read more

Tips on Website Development

website development tips

Websites have become a huge part of the modern business landscape Most companies within the U.S. recognize that e-commerce is a huge market that is likely to keep growing. However, there are over a billion websites in web-o-sphere, and a site that is going to attract business must offer something a little more. Title At … Read more

How to Make a Successful Website

Successful Website

Website Design & Layout: How to Make a Successful Website Just like any other website your design plan can make or break you. First impressions are always the lasting ones. Many characteristics make up a good, successful website. With today’s technology many web pages go above and beyond, some work others tend to go too … Read more