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website development tips
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Websites have become a huge part of the modern business landscape

Most companies within the U.S. recognize that e-commerce is a huge market that is likely to keep growing. However, there are over a billion websites in web-o-sphere, and a site that is going to attract business must offer something a little more.


At the beginning of your web page you should have the title. This title should be as related to your overall theme as possible. What people click on in the search engines and where search engines rank your site depend greatly on what words you use in your title. Try and use a text title versus a picture title so that search engine spiders can see it more easily.

The Look

When people click on your website the first thing they see is the top of the page. They will then decide to keep reading or to back out their browser. Thus the top of your page is your front door. Make sure that it is appealing, clean and functional.

Meta-tags & Title Tags

Meta tags & title tags are designed primarily for search engines and the users of these search engines. When people search for a particular topic, the first thing they will see is the title and the description of the site. If your title tag is done correctly, it will appear crisp and relevant within the search engine. There are plenty of free places where you can get the HTML code for these tags.


Content is probably the most important thing you can add to your website. The content defines what your site is all about, how the search engine ranks it and how often it is linked to other sites. The better and more relevant your content the more it will be read. Keep using your keywords in your content to attract search engines.

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Images can either be a good way to enhance your website or a complete mess that slows down your page. The average customer may only visit your site for 10 to 30 seconds, and thus they need that page to load within the first 5 seconds. Since there is lots of spyware downloads etc. a slow loading page may look suspicious (it might be downloading a virus). Use images where they enhance your site but don’t over do it.

Site Key

The site key is that list of available pages that is typically found near the top. Each page you have has a listing in the site key. The clearer the site key and the fewer clicks a visitor has to use to get where they want the better off you are.

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