What is a Niche Website?

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An overview of Niche Marketing:

A Niche website is a website which focuses on a very particular market and has little competition. Creating a Niche website is an excellent way to make extra money online. Finding a Niche can be the hardest part. To see if there is too much competition go to google and type in your idea. A general rule is if less than 100,00 results show up, you have a good Niche.

For example, say you typed “Homeschooling” into Google…7,700,000 results pop up. Too broad.

Then you type in “Homeschooling your five years old” into google..2,490,000. Results pop up. Getting better but you still have too much competition.

Now type in “Homeschooling your five-year-old using Abeka curriculum” and only 86,500 results show up. Great!

With some work and dedication, you can get your Niche website on the first page of Google search engine results and make money off of your site!

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