How to Get New Customers as a Web Designer, Graphic Designer or Web Host

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Best Practices for Getting and Keeping Clients It is sometimes difficult to find new clients if you are a being a new web host or web designer, and keep them. Below are some techniques and tips that I have found that have both helped me and many others trying to start a business online. These … Read more

Web Page Design for All Resolutions

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You might have noticed that some web pages display well in one resolution and poorly in another. For the same web page, in one resolution, the distance between some HTML elements may be satisfactory; in another, the distance might be too long or too short. You might also have noticed that there is no horizontal … Read more

Back to Basics: Web Design Tips – the Importance of Visual Effects

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It Pays to Pay Attention to Design Is it just me, or is web design a major pain in the posterior? Don’t get me wrong; I love web design to death. I’m self-taught; however. I’ve been fooling around with different versions of Dreamweaver for some ten years now, and I’ve come to a conclusion that…well, … Read more

4 Essential Web Promotion and Development Tips

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Essentials Web Development Tips for Businesses Do you have a business, but don’t own a website yet? It can be best for you if you get one quickly. You will get almost all of your competitors are using their websites to promote their business. You need to know the secrets behind web promotion to get … Read more

Modern Web Design Tips

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Tips in Modern Web Design HTML Tables for layout – too old school. CSS drives websites of today. There are still some sites; however, that use tables for their layout. Tables should only be used for tabular data, and that’s it. No excuses. Tables intervene with your site’s accessibility, flexibility, and functionality. Background color – … Read more

Ways to Improve Web Design

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Web Design Tips to Improve your Website Attract more customers to your site by improving your web design. Poor web design will just make your customers leave your site. Here’s a guide to perk up your website design so that your customers will keep on visiting your site and keep coming back. Appropriate Style The … Read more

How to Build a WordPress Web Site for Your Business

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Five Steps to Improving Your Business Web Site Using WordPress WordPress is a Stable, Secure, Web Development Solution for Businesses. Two short years ago, most of us thought of WordPress as a simple blogging tool. No more. Thanks to the excellent open source development community behind WordPress, the latest version of WordPress is a very … Read more

How to Improve Your Website and Target Better Traffic

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Having a web presence is essential for everything from little ma and pop locations to big business corporations. Many live under the premise that if it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist. So since a web presence is essential, you should know how to make that web presence work for you. I have developed … Read more

How to Build a Web Design Portfolio and Attract Customers

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More important than displaying prices, guarantees, or web copy come-ons, a beginning web design business needs a quality portfolio to attract customers. Building a web design portfolio can be a challenge when you have not done any work yet. How do you do it? You can build a web design portfolio through personal pages and … Read more