What to Do When You See Someone Hurt from Riding a Mountain Bike?

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mountain bike safety
Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0
Best Way to Help in an Emergency

When you’re out trail riding, often it’s possible for people to get hurt. Some of the safety things you want to have with you, most important is a cell phone. Have a general idea of where you’re at, and be able to get a hold of 911 in case you have to call rescue.

If someone falls off their bike, it’s standard practice to come up to them. Make sure they are ok, make sure they are moving. Ask them not to move if it looks severe. Do not remove their helmet, do not remove their camel back, and ask the person that’s down to stay still, stay down and catch their breath.

If they’re bleeding, have the person that’s bleeding to apply the pressure to stop the bleeding themselves. If you happen to have a first aid kit with you, it’s best to, if the person that’s hurt can take care of themselves so hand them the first aid kit.

Having a cell phone is the fastest way to get help.

The most important thing to remember if someone’s down and possible has a neck injury or a head injury is not moving them. Don’t remove their helmet, keep them calm, stop other trail riders from running up on them, and wait for trained emergency personnel to come and help.

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