Useful CSS Tips for Web Developers

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CSS Tips and Guide for Web Developers

Before we continue with CSS tips, it would be better to have a basic understanding of cascading style sheet. As the name suggests, it is a style sheet that defines how HTML elements are to be displayed on web pages. It is a powerful language that needs a substantial expertise to work with it. Once you have achieved a considerable proficiency in CSS, you can create unmatchable websites. In this context, here are some useful CSS tips for web developers to craft unique internet sites.

1) Multiple browser compatibilities

In the field of web development, the matter of browser compatibility is a serious concern. You need to be very sure whether the website is accessible in all the major browsers. Furthermore, it is entirely necessary that the layout of the site must be seen similar in all the browsers. So, as a web developer, once you are done with PSD to CSS conversion, you must test the website across all the browsers.

2) Consider smaller browser resolutions

Usually, web developers have large computer monitors while doing the process of web development. However, maximum internet users do not use large screens. To tackle this situation, you can access your web analytics and identify from there that what browser resolution is being utilized by the visitors to view your website.

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3) Use Frameworks

You can find various CSS frameworks on the internet. CSS frameworks would help you in crafting great layout, and that too cross browser compatible.

4) Validate HTML

When it comes CSS validation, you cannot perform it unless you are done with HTML validation. Furthermore, HTML can cause variations in the website layout and hence requires to be validated.

5) Validate CSS

Code validation is an essential task that is to be done after PSD to CSS conversion to check and eliminate all errors.

6) Avoid Using Large Background Images

Large images expand the file size of web pages and so create the problem in website loading. Hence, try to use small images that use CSS in place of large images.

7) Judicial use of CSS

There is no doubt that CSS is an incredible web tool, but you should be very judicial while working with it. Use it in a best possible way where it is required. There are some places on the website where you can use other light features rather than CSS.

8) Use limited CSS files

Avoid using too many CSS files as it makes very complicated to do any change in the web layout. Moreover, the processing time for more data would be more.

These are some useful tips for all web developers to utilize CSS to construct an appealing website.

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